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Subj:.....Eight Loaves Of Bread (S656)
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          on 7/30/2008
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A hunter met two shepherds, one of whom had three loaves 
and the other, five loaves.  All the loaves were the same 
size.  The three men agreed to share the eight loaves 
equally between them.  After they had eaten, the hunter 
gave the shepherds eight bronze coins as payment for his 
meal.  How should the two shepherds fairly divide this money? 

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              THE SOLUTION

The shepherd who had three loaves should get one coin and
the shepherd who had five loaves should get seven coins.

If there were eight loaves and three men, each man ate two
and two-thirds loaves.  So the first shepherd gave the hunter
one-third of a loaf and the second shepherd gave the hunter
two and one-third loaves.  The shepherd who gave one-third
of a loaf should get one coin and the one who gave seven-
thirds of a loaf should get seven coins.