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Subj:.....Alice In Wonderland (S630)
          From the book 
           "Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd" 
            Edited by Martin Gardner 
            From: Dover Publications in 1959

How many different ways can you spell
"Was it a cat I saw?"

We call attention to Alice's remarkable experiences with the
Cheshire cat, which had a way of vanishing into thin air
until nothing but its irrestible smile remained.  When Alice
first saw her feline friend she wanted to know what species
of animal it was, and since they always ask questions in Won-
derland by writing, she wrote out her query.  But because they
generally read things backward or up and down in Wonderland,
she wrote it as shown in the puzzle.  This permits the reader
to commence and end where they please, just as they should in

The problem is this.  In how many different ways can you read
Alice's question, "Was it a cat I saw?"  Start at any of the
W's, spell by moving to adjacent letters until you reach the
C, then spell back out to the boarder again.  You may move
up and down, left and right.


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