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Includes the following:  Frank & Ernest On Palindromes (S400)
........................."Dammit I'm Mad" (S877)
.........................Palindrome's I collected off the NET
.........................The Most Complete List of Palindromes  v2.1
..............................A Man Cartoon (DU)
..............................Bird Rib Cartoon (DU)
..............................Reno Loner Cartoon (DU)
..............................Bizarro Cartoon (DU)
.........................Games Magazine - Picture Palindromes (S696)
.........................Jewish Women And Chinese Food (S352)
.........................Palindrome Riddle (S400b)
.........................What's Unusual Riddle (S546c)
.........................Puzzle - Alice In Wonderland (S630)

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         HELL file    - 'The Devil's Muse - Puzzle'
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Subj:     Frank & Ernest On Palindromes (S400)
          by Bob Thaves

      Palindrome Society Parking
          in April 5,2004
          at http://www.gocomics.com/frank-and-ernest/2004/04/05
      Ernie's looking up the meaning of "Palindrome".
          on July 24,2003
          at http://www.gocomics.com/frank-and-ernest/2003/07/24
      Palindromes in the Garden of Eden
          on September 15, 2004
          at http://www.gocomics.com/frank-and-ernest/2004/09/15
Subj:     "Dammit I'm Mad" (S877,cf,md4,3)
          Written by Demetri Martin
          From: hilary.miller05 on 10/23/2013
Drawing from Unknown Source
 Source: http://www.neatorama.com/2009/02/

 Click 'HERE' to read this wonderful 224-Word palindrome.

Subj:     Palindrome's I collected off the NET

 A man, a plan, a canal... Panama!

 Do Goods deeds live on? No, Evils deeds do, O God!

 Sleepy baby peels,  Drowsy baby's word,  Able was I ere I
 saw elba race car, Satan,  oscillate my metallic sonatas!,
 Aibohphobia, Sex at noon taxes,  UFO tofu, Tuna nut,
 Reflog a golfer, Never odd or even,  Paganini: Din in a gap,
 Senile felines, Egad an adage!,  Evil olive,  Step on no pets

From: humorlist-digest V2 #115 on 98-05-10
 Teacher: "Simon, can you say your name backwards?" Simon: "No Mis"

From: jerry on 2/11/2002
 Salad, alas
 I Love Me, Vol I (A book of palendromes available for sale.)

From: igiggle on 7/5/2004 (S389b)
 "My friend's son is only four and he can spell
     his name backwards."
 "What's his name?

Subj:     The Most Complete List of Palindromes  v2.1  [31 May 1994]
          Compiled by jopi

 0.   What's a palindrome
 1.   Palindromes in English
 1.1  The most widely known palindromes
 1.2  Short English palindromes
 1.3  Longer English palindromes
 1.4  A man, a plan...

 2.   Palindromes in other languages
 2.1  Finnish
 2.2  Dutch
 2.3  French
 2.4  German
 2.5  Greek
 2.6  Latin
 2.7  Slovak
 2.8  Spanish
 2.9  Swedish
 2.10 Welsh

 3.   Credits

 0.   What is a palindrome (S625c)

 A palindrome is a sentence that can be read backwards
 and it's meaning still remains.  It is commonly accepted
 that the punctuation and spacing may change while
 reversing the words, though.

 For example: "Rats live on no evil star."
               .rats live on no evil staR

 1.1  The most widely known palindromes

 The most frequently posted English palindromes (over 20%
 of them):

 A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!   (and variants)
 Able was I ere I saw Elba.
 Doc note, I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness.
    I diet on cod.
 Straw, no too stupid a fad, I put soot on warts.
 Rats live on no evil star.
 He goddam mad dog, eh?
 Madam, I'm Adam.
 Name no one man.
 T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad:
 "I'd assign it a name: gant dirt upset on drab pot toilet

 And the same for the Finnish ones:

 Innostunut sonni

 1.2  Short English palindromes
 ...with duplicates removed.

 (... Yawn.)  Madonna Fan?  No damn way!
 11 * 181 = 1991 = 181 * 11
 A TOYOTA   (it's also visually semetric)
 A Toyota! Race fast, safe car. A Toyota
 A Toyota's a Toyota.
 A dog! A panic in a pagoda!
 A dog, a plan, a canal: pagoda.
 A fine snore, rare Ronsen IFA.
 A foof, a man, a plan, a canal, Panama foofa!
 A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.
 A man, a plan, a canoe, pasta, heros, rajahs,
    a coloratura, maps, snipe, percale,
    macaroni, a gag, a banana bag, a tan,
    a tag, a banana bag again (or a camel),
    a crepe, pins, Spam, a rut, a Rolo,
    cash, a jar, sore hats, a peon, a canal
    - Panama!
 A man, a plan, a cat, a canal - Panama!
 A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam,
    a hat, a canal - Panama!
 A new order began, a more Roman age, bred Rowena.
 A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.
 A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita.
 Able was I ere I saw Elba (attr. to Napoleon B.).
 Ah, Satan Sees Natasha
 Aibohphobia   (the fear of palindromes)
 Aim a Toyota tatami mat at a Toyota, Mia.
 Al lets Della call Ed Stella.
 Alan Alda stops racecar, spots ad: "Lana-L.A."
 Amaryllis sillyrama
 Animal loots foliated detail of stool lamina.
 Anna: "Did Otto peep?" Otto: "Did Anna?"
 Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.
 Are we not drawn onward, we few,
    drawn onward to new era?
 Bird rib.
 Bishop made lame female damp? Oh, Sib!
 Bombard a drab mob.
 Bonk! One Mac. Newton sees not wen came (no knob).
 Bush saw Sununu swash sub.
 Busy van notes radar:  a wastrel, alert,
    saw a radar set on navy sub.
 But sad Eva saved a stub.
 Cain: A maniac!
 Camus sees sumac.
 Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic.
 Dabale arroz a la zorra el abad
    (The abbot was giving rice to the fox)
 Daedalus: nine, Peninsula: dead.
 Dairy myriad.
 Damn!  I, Agassi, miss again!  Mad!
 Deirdre wets altar of St. Simons - no mists,
    for at last ewer dried.
 Denim axes examined.
 Dennis and Edna sinned.
 Dennis sinned.
 Dennis, no Misfit can act if Simon sinned.
 Depardieu, go razz a rogue I draped.
 Devil Natasha, ah, Satan lived !
 Did Eve salt an atlas?  Eve did.
 Did I draw Della too tall, Edward? I did?
 Dior droid.
 Do geese see God?
 Do not start at rats to nod.
 Doc, note: I dissent.  A fast never prevents a fatness.
    I diet on cod.
 Dr. Ana, Cataracts. Uranium enema smarts if fist rams,
    Amen! Emu in a rust car at a canard.
 Dr. Lime, 121 Emil Rd.
 Drat Sadat, a dastard!
 Drat Saddam mad dastard.
 Drat Saddam, a mad dastard!
 Drat such custard!
 Draw Ward
 Draw no llama a mall onward.
 Draw! oh, save Eva's Howard!
 Draw, o coward!
 Drowsy baby's word
 Drowsy baby's word.
 E. Borgnine drags Dad's gardening robe.
 Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside.
 Egad! No bondage!
 Egad, a base life defiles a bad age.
 Egad, an adage!
 Emil, a sleepy baby peels a lime.
 Emil saw a slime.
 Emil's niece in slime
 Emit no gas, Otto:  got to sag on time.
 Emordnilap palindrome.
 Emu fat sap pasta fume
 Eros bonk mad dog, goddam knob sore
 Eros' sis is sore.
 Eros?  Sidney, my end is sore.
 Erotic, I gammon ever on, else partisan, I live evil
    in a sit. Rapes Lenore: venom magic I tore.
 Esope reste ici et se repose
    (Aesop is resting here and relaxing)
 Evil I did dwell, lewd did I live.
 Evil olive.
 Evil rats on no star live (attr. to Luke Skywalker)
 Flee to me, remote elf.
 Flesh!  Saw I Mimi wash self!
 Fool! A dog lives sad a boxer, Rex. O bad ass evil god aloof!
 Garret, I ogle. Enemy democrats party;
    trap star comedy men, eel goiter rag.
 Gateman's nametag.
 Gert, I saw Ron avoid a radio-van - or was it Reg?
 Gnu dung.
 Go deliver a dare, vile dog.
 Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.
 God lived as a devil dog.
 God saw I was dog.
 God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
 God! Nate bit a Tibetan dog!
 God, a slap!  Paris, sir, appals a dog.
 Goldenrod-adorned log
 Golf?  No sir, prefer prison flog.
 Gustav Klimt milk vats - ug!
 Hanah, Hanah, Hanah!
 Harpoons away!  Ya, was no Oprah.
 Harass Sarah!
 He goddam mad dog, eh?
 He lived as a devil, eh?
 He stops spots, eh?
 He won snow, eh?
 He won't, ah, wander, Edna.  What now, eh?
 Here we no got conical ill lilac in octogon ewer, eh?
 I maim Miami.
 I maim nine men in Miami.
 I maim nine men in Saginaw; wan, I gas nine men in Miami.
 I prevent u-boats, tar, evil live rats, Tao, but never pi.
 I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori.
 I won, Karen, an era know I.
 I'm runnin'! - Nurmi
 I, Nora, came most egotistic--it's I--to get some macaroni.
 I, Rasputin, knit up Sari.
 I, man, am regal; a German am I.
 I, zani Nazi.
 If I had a hi-fi (The title of a book of palindromes.)
 Is Don Adams mad? (A nod.) Si!
 Jar a tonga, nag not a raj.
 Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak.
 Kayak salad - Alaska yak.
 Kayak, redivider, space caps or gateman's nametag ?
 Lager, Sir, is regal.
 Laminated E.T. animal.
 Lay a wallaby baby ball away, Al.
 Leo hortet Rohoel.
 Lepers repel.
 Let O'Hara gain an inn in a niagara hotel.
 Lew, Otto has a hot towel!
 Lewd did I live & evil I did dwel.
 Lisa Bonet ate no basil.
 Live Evil
 Live dirt up a side track carted is a putrid evil.
 Live forever of evil
 Live not on evil.
 Lonely Tylenol.
 "M" lab menial slain: embalm.
 Ma has a ham.
 Ma is a nun, as I am.
 Ma is as selfless as I am.
 Madam I'm Adam
 Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam.
 Man, Eve let an irate tar in at eleven A.M.
 Man, Oprah's sharp on A.M.
 Marge lets Norah see Sharon's telegram.
 May a moody baby doom a yam?
 Mayhem, eh Yam?
 "Miry rim!  So many daffodils," Delia wailed,
    "slid off a dynamo's miry rim!"
 Murder for a jar of red rum.
 Must sell at tallest sum.
 Name dam flewsh...H self-made man.
 Name no one man.
 Name tarts, no medieval slave I demonstrate man.
 Naomi, did I moan?
 Naomi, sex at noon taxes, I moan.
 Natasha? Ah, Satan!
 Ned, go gag Ogden.
 Neil A. sees alien!
 Never odd or even.
 Niagara, O roar again!
 No evil shah lives on.
 No lemons, no melon.
 No misses ordered roses, Simon.
 No pinot noir on orion to nip on.
 No, I met System Ion.
 No, I tan, I'm at no contamination.
 No, Mel Gibson is a casino's big lemon.
 No, Mel, a sleepy baby peels a lemon.
 No, it is opposition.
 No, she stops spots, eh, son?
 Nog eroded Oregon.
 Noriega can idle, held in a cage...Iron!
 Nosegay ages on.
 Not New York, Roy went on.
 Now I see bees I won.
 Now Ned, I am a maiden nun: Ned, I am a maiden won.
 Nurse!  I spy gypsies! Run!
 O, geronimo, no minor ego!
 O, memsahib Bart, rabbi has memo.
 O, stone, be not so.
 O.E.D. or rodeo?
 Oh, no!  Don Ho!
 Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
 Pa's a sap.
 Paganini: Din in A Gap.
 Paget saw an Irish tooth, Sir, in a waste gap.
 Party boobytrap.
 Plan no damn Madonna LP.
 Poor Dan is in a droop.
 Pot? No! I saw DNA and was I on top!
 Pull up if I pull up.
 Rat race lines oppose Nile car tar.
 Rats drown in WordStar.
 Rats live on no evil star.
 Red Nevada vendor.
 Red dude kill lion. No ill-liked udder.
 Red lost case, Ma.  Jesse James acts older.
 Red rum, sir, is murder.
 Reflog a golfer
 Reno loner
 Retki dikter   (The title of a book of palindromes.)
 Revenge Meg? Never!
 Reviled did I live, said I, as evil I did deliver.
 Rise to vote, sir.
 Rise, sir lapdog! Revolt, lover! God, pal, rise, sir!
 Rise, take lame female Kate, sir.
 Rococo "R".
 Roger G. Gregor
 Rot-corpse Sumatran art amuses proctor.
 Rutabega to base: we sabotage Batur.
 Sagas emit taxes, rat snot, or pastrami.
    I'm Arts, a proton star - sex at times a gas.
 Salamander a ton now. Raw war won not, a Red Nam, alas.
 Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas.
 Senile Felines
 Sex at noon taxes.
 Sex-aware era waxes.
 Sh, Tom sees moths.
 Sir, I soon saw Bob was no Osiris.
 Sir, I'm Iris.
 Sis, Sargasso Moss a grass is.
 Sis, ask Costner to not rent socks "As Is"!
 Sit on a potato pan, Otis!
 Slap a ham on Omaha, pals!
 Sleep on no peels.
 Sniff'um muffins.
 So many dynamos.
 So regards Rat's Lib: regrets no more hero
    monster gerbil stars' drag Eros.
 So, G. Rivera's tots are virgos.
 So, Ida, adios!
 Solo gigolos.
 Some men interpret nine memos.
 Sore eye, Eros?
 Sore was I ere I saw Eros.
 Spit Q-tips!
 St. Simon sees no mists.
 Stab nail at ill Italian bats.
 Star comedy by Democrats.
 Stella won no wallets.
 Step on no pets!
 Step on no pets.
 Stop!  Murder us not, O tonsured rumpots!
 Stop!  Murder us not, tonsured rumpots!
 Stop, Syrian! I start at rats in airy spots.
 Strategem: megatarts.
 Straw warts
 Straw? No, too stupid a fad. I put soot on warts.
 Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus.  -- Leigh Mercer
 Sup not on pus.
 Swen, on gnus, sung no news.
 Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz' rat.
 Tarzan raised a Desi Arnaz rat.
 T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet!
 T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad.
    "I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet."
 Ten animals I slam in a net.
 'Tenor Octopus Night' netted a cadet tenth ginsu pot, coronet.
 Tense, I snap Sharon roses, or Norah's pansies net.
 The almanac can am laeth
 The fat cop spoke in a strange tongue:
    "Eugnot egnarts a ni ekops poc taf eht."
 To Idi Amin: I'm a idiot!
 To Peru, named llama mall 'De Manure Pot'
 Toni Tennille fell in net.  I, not!
 Too bad, I hid a boot.
 Top step's pup's pet spot.
 Trafalgar rag: La Fart
 Trap all afoot; I too fall apart.
 Tsetse bestest!
 Tuna nut
 U.F.O. tofu.
 Unremarkable was I ere I saw Elba Kramer, nu?
 Vanna, wanna V?
 Vitaler Nebel mit Sinn ist im Leben relativ.
 Viva le te de Tel Aviv
 Vote to not slip up, refer pupils to note TOV.
 Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?
 Was it a car or a cat I saw?
 Was it a rat I saw?
 Was raw tap ale not a reviver at one lap at Warsaw?
 We few erase cares, Al; laser aces are we few.
 We placed a decal pew.
 We repaid a no name Pacific ape man on a diaper, ew!
 We seven, Eve, sew.
 Won total, I am a pro. Bali radar I labor.
    Pa, mail a tot now!
 Won't lover's Revolt now?
 Won't lovers revolt now?
 Yawn a more Roman way.
 Yell upset a cider: predicates pulley.
 Yo!  Bottoms up, U.S. Motto, boy!
 Yo, bad anaconda had no Canada boy
 Yo, boy! Trap gnus, nude. 'Kangaroo Rag' naked unsung party, O boy!

 Some palindromes are sentences, not letters read backwards.
 You can cage a swallow can't you but
    you can't swallow a cage can you?

 Yreka Bakery

 From /usr/dict/words:

 AAA   ABA   ala   AMA   ana   bib   bob   bub   CDC   civic dad
 deed  DOD   dud   eke   ere   eve   ewe   eye   gag   gig   gog
 huh   ii    iii   level madam minim mum   non   noon  nun   pap
 PDP   peep  pep   pip   poop  pop   pup   radar refer rever rotor
 sis   s's   tat   teet  tenet tit   TNT   toot  tot   wow

 1.3  Longer English palindromes

 Adam said:  Madam, I'm Adam
 To which she replied: Eve

 Haven't seen this palindrome in here yet ... this is by
 Ernest Angell, and you're supposed to assume that the
 speaker is an insane war veteran in a government hospital.
 "Marge, let dam dogs in.  Am on satire:  Vow I am Cain.
 Am on spot.  Am a Jap sniper.  Red, raw murder on G.I.!
 Ignore drum.  (Warder repins pajama tops.) No maniac, Ma!
 Iwo veritas:  no man is God.  -- Mad Telegram."

 The little old lady could not believe her ears, when, after
 the lightning struck the telephone, the voice of the town
 sheriff, who had call her to discuss the upcoming election,
 sounded peculiarly odd as he said, "diase hwad doylra iluc
 epded nuos noit celegnim ocpuehts sucsidot rehl lacda hohwf
 firehsn woteh tfoe ciov ehten ohpel eteht kcurt sgnint hgile
 htretfan ehwsrae reh eveil ebt ond luocy ald loelt tileht."
 (Constructed by some people at CMU).

 Do good, I? No! Evil anon I deliver! I maim nine more
 Hero-Men in Saginaw; sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I...
 lo! Rack!  Cut a drowsy Rat in Aswan.  I gas nine more
 Hero-Men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona), live on! I do, O God!!

 Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol,
 Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny,
 Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara,
 Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed,
 Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora,
 Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.

 Enid and Edna dine:
      Eda Nomel's lemonade
      Bel Paese a pleb
      Parkay yak rap
      Feeble el beef
      Roti de pup editor
      Eel, urbane hen a brulee
      Self-furnace Pecan ruffles
 From: chrisk

 Flee to me, remote elf--Sal a dewan desired;
 Now is a Late-Petal Era.
 We fade: lucid Iris, red Rose of Sharon;
 Goldenrod a silly ram ate.
 Wan olives teem (ah, Satan lives!);
 A star eyes pale Roses.

 Revel, big elf on a mayonnaise man--
 A tinsel baton-dragging nice elf too.
 Lisp, Oh Sibyl, dragging Nola along;
 Niggardly bishops i loot.
 Fleecing niggard notables Nita names,
 I annoy a Man of Legible Verse.

 So relapse, ye rats,
 As evil Natasha meets Evil
 On a wet, amaryllis-adorned log.
 Norah's foes' orders (I ridiculed a few) are late, pet.
 Alas, I wonder! Is Edna wed?
 Alas--flee to me, remote elf.

 (By Howard W. Bergerson?  The above and many, many, many
 wonderful palindromes are from the book "Palindromes and
 Anagrams," by Bergerson, published by Dover Publications,
 Inc., 180 Varick St., NY NY 10014.)

 Palindromic poem:

 Mood's mode!
 Pallas, I won!
 (Diaper pane, sold entire.)
 Melt till ever sere, hide it.
 Drown a more vile note;
 (Tar of rennet.)
 Ah, trowel, baton, eras ago.
 The reward? A "nisi." Two nag.
 Otary tastes putrid, yam was green.
 Odes up and on; stare we.
 Rats nod. Nap used one-erg saw.
 (May dirt upset satyr?)

 A toga now; 'tis in a drawer, eh?
 Togas are notable.
 (Worth a tenner for Ate`.)
 Tone liver. O Man, word-tied I.

 Here's revel!
 Little merit, Ned? Lose, Nap?
 Repaid now is all apedom's doom.

 The greatest palindrome comes from
   "Through the Looking Glass and
    What Alice Found There",
    by the great Lewis Carroll:

    Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
    All mimsy were the borogoves
    And the mome raths outgrabe
    Ebargtuo shtar emom eht dna
    Sevogorob eht erew ysmim lla
    Ebaw eht ni elbmig dna eryg did
    Sevot yhtils eht dna ,gillirb sawt.

 (Courtesy of the Professor Incorrect)

Subj:.....Bizarro Cartoon (DU)
..........By Dan Piraro.
..........on 4/24/2013
Source: http://bizarro.com/

   1.4  A man, a plan...

 Here is some information about a few palindromes related to
 the one you mention.  As far as I know, the first person to
 put a cat in the canal was Jim Saxe, in his 9 October 1983
 plan file.

    A man, a plan, a cat, a canal; Panama?
 Guy Jacobson added several items later that year.
    A man, a plan, a cat, a ham, a yak, a yam, a hat, a canal--
    Panama!  Guy's palindrome appears on page 127 of COMMON LISP,
    THE LANGUAGE (page 170 of the 2nd edition).  The 2nd edition
    of COMMON LISP, THE LANGUAGE also contains the remarkable:

    A man, a plan, a canoe, pasta, heros, rajahs, a coloratura,
    maps, snipe, percale, macaroni, a gag, a banana bag, a tan,
    a tag, a banana bag again (or a camel), a crepe, pins, Spam,
    a rut, a Rolo, cash, a jar, sore hats, a peon, a canal--Panama!

 which is presumably the work of Guy Steele, the book's author.
 I dredged up the problem in 1984, and discovered the following
 540-word version with the help of a computer program that I wrote.

    A man, a plan, a caret, a ban, a myriad, a sum, a lac, a liar,
    a hoop, a pint, a catalpa, a gas, an oil, a bird, a yell, a vat,
    a caw, a pax, a wag, a tax, a nay, a ram, a cap, a yam, a gay,
    a tsar, a wall, a car, a luger, a ward, a bin, a woman, a vassal,
    a wolf, a tuna, a nit, a pall, a fret, a watt, a bay, a daub,
    a tan, a cab, a datum, a gall, a hat, a fag, a zap, a say, a jaw,
    a lay, a wet, a gallop, a tug, a trot, a trap, a tram, a torr,
    a caper, a top, a tonk, a toll, a ball, a fair, a sax, a minim,
    a tenor, a bass, a passer, a capital, a rut, an amen, a ted,
    a cabal, a tang, a sun, an ass, a maw, a sag, a jam, a dam,
    a sub, a salt, an axon, a sail, an ad, a wadi, a radian, a room,
    a rood, a rip, a tad, a pariah, a revel, a reel, a reed, a pool,
    a plug, a pin, a peek, a parabola, a dog, a pat, a cud, a nu,
    a fan, a pal, a rum, a nod, an eta, a lag, an eel, a batik,
    a mug, a mot, a nap, a maxim, a mood, a leek, a grub, a gob,
    a gel, a drab, a citadel, a total, a cedar, a tap, a gag, a rat,
    a manor, a bar, a gal, a cola, a pap, a yaw, a tab, a raj, a gab,
    a nag, a pagan, a bag, a jar, a bat, a way, a papa, a local,
    a gar, a baron, a mat, a rag, a gap, a tar, a decal, a tot,
    a led, a tic, a bard, a leg, a bog, a burg, a keel, a doom,
    a mix, a map, an atom, a gum, a kit, a baleen, a gala, a ten,
    a don, a mural, a pan, a faun, a ducat, a pagoda, a lob, a rap,
    a keep, a nip, a gulp, a loop, a deer, a leer, a lever, a hair,
    a pad, a tapir, a door, a moor, an aid, a raid, a wad, an alias,
    an ox, an atlas, a bus, a madam, a jag, a saw, a mass, an anus,
    a gnat, a lab, a cadet, an em, a natural, a tip, a caress,
    a pass, a baronet, a minimax, a sari, a fall, a ballot, a knot,
    a pot, a rep, a carrot, a mart, a part, a tort, a gut, a poll,
    a gateway, a law, a jay, a sap, a zag, a fat, a hall, a gamut,
    a dab, a can, a tabu, a day, a batt, a waterfall, a patina,
    a nut, a flow, a lass, a van, a mow, a nib, a draw, a regular,
    a call, a war, a stay, a gam, a yap, a cam, a ray, an ax, a tag,
    a wax, a paw, a cat, a valley, a drib, a lion, a saga, a plat,
    a catnip, a pooh, a rail, a calamus, a dairyman, a bater,
    a canal--Panama.  --Dan Hoey, 'discovered' in 1984.

 This was done with the Unix spelling dictionary and a fairly
 simple-minded program.  With a better word list and a smarter
 program I'm sure the palindrome could be ten times as long.

 I am somewhat concerned that people have been redistributing
 these palindromes without attribution.  Please don't do so.
 And if you get a copy of my palindrome without my name on it,
 I would appreciate it if you mention my objection to whoever
 sends it to you.  Dan Hoey, Hoey@AIC.NRL.Navy.Mil

 2.   Palindromes in other languages

   2.1 Finnish

 From someone's message:
    Yes, Finnish is *the* palindrome language.  Some guys have
    even written a book of poetry, called "Retki dikter", all
    poems being palindromes.

 Suolatalous   Salt economy
 Saippuakauppias   Soap dealer
 Solutomaattimittaamotulos The result from a measurement
    laboratory for tomatoes
 Innostunut sonni         Excited bull
 Tosi isot, siis tosi isot Big ones, real big ones
 Aki söi läänin. Ääliö sika! Aki ate a state. Stupid pig!
 Iso rikas sika sökösakissa kirosi - a very rich pig
    cursed in a stud poker gang
 Alli pamautti vittua mapilla
 - Alli smacked (her) cunt with a binder.
 Isä, älä myy myymälääsi  - father, don't sell your shop
 Nuutti- vaari oksensi bisneskoiraa vittuun. It means:
    Grandfather Nuutti puked into the cunt of the business dog.
 Oi, palatsissa katosi is{, siis ota kassista lapio.
 Alli lepona papin eka, pelle pakeni papan Opelilla.
    Anus puhisi hupsuna.
 Nai punasolut ulos, Anu, pian!  No Maria Airam on
 Anu Maamuna                     Ismo K. Komsi
 Alli lepona papin eka, pelle pakeni papan Opelilla.
 Ah, sie gigolo, iso sosiologi geisha.
 Iske, Simo U! H{{t riist{j{t siirt{{ huomiseksi!
 Ajaja nai. "Saisipa naisia, naisia, naisia,
    naisia", napisi asianajaja.
 Etsi poni apinani painopiste     Ian Asseria Zairessa Nai
 Is{n n{kem{tt{ me k{nn{si!       Aattoisin isi ottaa.
 No, elin n{kyy. Syy: k{nni Leon.
 Y{k aatos: Kari-asu --- USA-Irak: sotaa k{y.
 Y{k, Alli, Esa! Aatos: Kari-asu --- USA-Irak: sotaa aseilla k{y.
 From: saarki@tarzan.math.jyu.fi (Ari Saastamoinen)

 Two boys were send to the shop with the following lists:
    Allu: pitokania, lavarautaa      Aatu: aravalaina, kotipulla
    Anna pennis  -ok  tuli haavi  ivaa  hilutko sinne panna

 2.2  Dutch

 parterretrap  (some kind of stairway (trap is a stairway,
    partere is lounge)
 lepel         (spoon)
 edelstaalplaatslede (a stainless steel tray, part of an oven)
    "A stairway to/from the ground floor, from/to the sun-room
    which is made out of fake steel" (or whatever)
 Mooie zeden in Ede, zei Oom (Nice customs in Ede, said Uncle)
 Nelli plaatst op 'n parterre trap 'n pot staalpillen.
    which means that some broad called Nelli is messing around
    with pills on above meant stairway (or something like that).
 For those who want to read more: the book "Opperlandse Taal- en
    Letterkunde" by Battus contains lots of palindromes in Dutch
    (plus a load of other acrobatical linguistics).

 2.3  French

 Elu par cette crapule (Elected by that crook)
 Esope reste ici et se repose (Esope stays here and rests)
 Tu l'as trop ecrase cesar ce port salut.

 2.4  German

 Ein Neger mit Gazelle zagt im Regen nie.
    (A negro with gazelle never despairs in rain")
 Eine treue Familie bei Lima feuerte nie
    (A loyal family near Lima never fired)

 2.5  Greek

 nispon onomama ma monon opsin
 Translation: Wash your sins, not just your face....
 This only works if you remember that "ps" is one
    letter psi in Greek.

 2.6  Latin

 Subi dura a rudibus (endure rough treatement from uncultured brutes)

 (The sower Arepo works with the help of a wheel.)
 This is the only known two-dimensional palindrome.

 2.7 Slovak

 tahat  (to pull)
 It appears often on doors - it is really joyfull when you
 can read it from either side
 Jelenovi pivo nelej.     Don't pour the beer to a stag (red deer).

 2.8  Spanish

 Dabale arroz a la zorra el abad.

 2.9  Swedish

 Ni talar bra latin (you speak good Latin)
 märk stupid abrakadabra: ur fin ränsel lyfta rappa japaner samma
 mimosa som i mammas rena pajapparat fylles när ni fruar bada
 karbad i putskräm

 2.10  Welsh

 Llad dafad dall (kill a blind sheep)

 3.   Credits

 Unfortunately, it's impossible to give credit separately all
 the numerous submissions in rec.humor, eunet.jokes, and
 sfnet.keskustelu.vitsit.  However, the most significant part
 of these palindromes has come from:

 Steve Hoffman
 Pete Biggs
 Dan Hoey
 /usr/dict/words and fortunes files

  Credits for the rare language ones:

 Dutch: Big Beng
 Miquel van Smoorenburg
 French: Marc Philips
 Greg Scullard
 Greek: Ray Harder
 Latin,Welch: Pete Biggs
 Slovak: Stefan Petrucha
 Spanish: Jaime Lopez Hartmann
 Swedish: Pete Biggs
 Terry Siederer

Subj:     Games Magazine
          Published in
          the 80s and 90s

 I came upon a stack of old Games Magazines from the 80s
 and the 90s.  I will put one BrainTeaser a week from
 this collection of wonderful puzzles.
 From Vol.6 No.6 Issue 32 in October 1982
Subj:...Picture Palindromes (S696)
        Page 46
Each of the pictures represents a palindromic phrase -
a phrase spelled the same forward and back.  The answer
to each picture can be written on the corresponding
dashes, one letter per space.  For example, the first
picture shows RACE CAR.  We'll leave the other nine
pictures for you to reflect on.
Subj:     Jewish Women And Chinese Food (S352)
          From: pns on 10/30/2003

 The Harvard School of Medicine did a study of why Jewish
 women like Chinese food so much.  The study revealed that
 this is due to the fact that Won Ton spelled backward is
 Not Now.

Subj:     Palindrome Riddle (S400b)
          From: LABLaughsRiddles on 9/15/2004

 What is the longest word when spelled backward is the same
 as it is spelled forward?  It is not a person's name.

Scroll down for the answer
Here it comes


Subj:     What's Unusual Riddle (S546c)
          From: LABLaughs.com on 11/16/2001

 What is unusual about this following long sentence?

 Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice,
 Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny,
 Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila,
 Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne,
 Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne,
 Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil,
 Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel and Ellen sinned.

Scroll down for the answer
Here it comes

 It is one long palindrome!  A palindrome is something
 that can be read the same backwards and forwards.

Subj:     Puzzle - Alice In Wonderland (S630)
          From the book
            "Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd"
          Edited by Martin Gardner
          From: Dover Publications in 1959

 How many different ways can you spell "Was it a cat I
 saw?"  You can see this problem's description, drawing,
 and solution by clicking 'HERE'.

                           -(o o)-
...............................From mombear1