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The Everly Brothers song


comes from Track 22
of album Walk Right Back

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Real Music Guide

The music here is purely for entertainment and educational purposes only. "Burma Shave" is copyrighted by Everly Brothers and their record company.  Please show your support for the artists who gave us this great music by purchasing their CDs or songs. 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of "Burma Shave" by Everly Brothers, you can buy it from the Real Music Guide for ninty-nine cents.  Below I will even explain how you can change it's format to what ever you need.

Bought the BurmaShave song from:
Real Music Guide

Had to download the new Real Music Player.  The BurmaShave song is a 3,625 KB RealAudioProtected (RAX file form).

How I converted RAX music form to WAV

Step 1. Used the Real Music Player to 
        make an Audio CD of the song.
        This converts RAX to CDA.  The
        file on the CD was of unknown

Step 2. Used the Windows Media Player
        to make a file copy.  This

converts the CDA file to WMA.  The file was 2,308 KB in length.

Step 3. Went to http://www.smartaudioconverter.com/?id=sacgg on the
        internet and down loaded Smart Audio Converter from
        SmartSoft.  They give you a 20 free trial use.  Great product.

Step 4. Used Smart Audio Converter to convert the WMA file to a WAV
        [ADPCM] form.  This was the smallest of SAC's wav forms.  It
        made a file that was a 4,161 KB wave sound file.

<BGSOUND SRC="images/EB-Burma.adpcm.wav" LOOP=true>