Includes 25 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                         Sign from QuiltBus
 25 prizes
 Every week
 Thruout the football season
 You'll find you'd rather
 Use no lather
 B'golly there's a reason
 Bridge prize
 For men
 Just half a buck
 Try it, hostess
 Change your luck
. .
 In it
 Is fine
 For the
 He played
 A sax
 Had no B.O.
 But his whiskers scratched
 So she let him go
Hit 'em high 
 Hit 'em low
 Follow your team
 Over WCCO
 And win a prize
. .
 Hit 'em high
 Hit 'em low
 It's action rooters crave
 Millions boast -- millions toast
 The All-American shave
 Free offer! Free offer!
 Rip a fender
 Off your car
 Mail it in for
 A half-pound jar
 If your hubby 
 Trumps your ace
 Here's something
 That will
 Save his face
. .
 It's not toasted
 It's not dated
 But look out --
 It's imitated
 Insist on
 Late risers!
 Shave in just
 2 minutes flat
 Kiss your wife
 Grab your hat
 Little shavers
 Don't overlook
 Jingle book
 In every package
. .
 And roses
 Like Moses
 Just don't go together
 Mug and brush
 Old Adam
 Had 'em
 Is your husband
 Like Adam, Madam?
 Prize contest details
 May be obtained
 At football broadcast
 Every Saturday
 Over WCCO
. .
 Ruddy cheeks
 And face
 Of tan
 Neatly shaven
 What a man!
 Shaving brush
 Don't you cry
 You'll be a
 Shoe dauber
By and by 
Shaving brush 
 Was like
 Old rover
 When he died
 He died all over
. .
 The answer to
 A maiden's
 Is not a chin
 Of stubby hair
 The millionth man
 Has joined
 Our ranks
 Of happy shavers
 Many thanks!
 There's football in the air
 And prizes for all to share
 Accept our invitation
 WCCO's the station
 (Many prizes
Get your share)
. .
 Thrifty shavers 
 Now are found
 Buying shaves
 By the pound
 One lb. jar 85 cents
 To shaving brush
 I need
 Not cling
 I will not hush
 Of thee I sing
 You need is
 A razor
. .
 Wise old Sandy
 Shopped around
 This is what
 Old Sandy found
50 cents buys half a pound 
 Within this vale
 Of toil
 And sin
 Your head grows bald
 But not your chin -- use
Tube from Eisner Museum

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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