Includes 24 signs
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Title from The Fifties Web


. .                 Picture from Burma Shave Signs
 20 miles per gal.
 Says well-known car
 To go 10,000
 Miles per gal
 By half-pound jar
 Avoid the store
 Which claims
 You should
 Buy something else
 That's just as good
. .
 At Xmas time
 And birthdays too
 We solve
 Your problems right
 For you -- give
 Be a modern
 Paul Revere
 Spread the news
 From ear
 To ear
 Cutie invited
 Varsity hop
 Guy full
 Of whiskers
 Party a flop
. .
 Save your skin
 Your time
 Your dough
 Enthusiastic user
 Henry J. McLass
 Spreads our product
 On the lawn
 When he cuts the grass
. .
 Grandpa's beard
 Was stiff and coarse
 And that's what
 Caused his
 Fifth divorce
 Half a buck
 Half a pound
 No substitute
 Is ever found
 Your budget
 Hold its ground
 Half a dollar
 Half a pound
. .
 His face was smooth
 And cool as ice
 And oh Louise!
 He smelled
 So nice
 I just joined
 The young man said
 A nudist camp
 Is my face red?
 No! I use
 If substitution
 He should try
 Just look that clerk
 Right in the eye
 And bellow
. .
 If you think
 She likes
 Your bristles
 Walk bare-footed
 Through some thistles
 It took years
 To perfect
 For you
 A brushless cream
 That's greaseless too
 Keep well
 To the right
 Of the oncoming car
 Get your close shaves
 From the half-pound jar
. .
 Shaving brush
 Is out of date
 Use the
 Perfect mate
 The happy golfer
 Find with glee
 The shave
 That suits him
 To a tee
 35 cents
 Easy shaving
 Low expense
. .
 You know
 Your onions
 Lettuce suppose
 This beets 'em all
 Don't turnip your nose
 Water heater
 Out of kilter
 Try the brushless
 Whiskers long
 Made Samson strong
 But Samson's gal
 She done
 Him wrong
. .
 With 200 kinds
 From which to choose
 2 million men
 To use
Burma-Shave sign
Legends of America
Separator from Mamarocks
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