Includes 22 signs
Book about
Out West

Title from The Fifties Web


. .
A silky cheek 
 Shaved smooth
 And clean
 Is not obtained
 With a mowing machine
 After one trial
 You'll want more
 At the next
 Good drug store
 15 for 25 cents
. .
 Are you
 An even-tempered guy?
 Mad all
 The time?
 Better try
 Before I tried it
 The kisses
 I missed
 But afterward -- Boy!
 The misses I kissed
Cheek to cheek 
 They meant to be
 The lights went out
 And so did he
 He needed
. .
 Don't take
 A curve
 At 60 per
 We hate to lose
 A customer
 Fire! Fire!
 Keep cool
 Be brave
 Just grab
 Your pants and
 Henry the Eighth
 Prince of friskers
 Lost five wives
 But kept
 His whiskers
. .
 Here's something
 That could
 Even soak
 The whiskers off
 A radio joke
 Here's the winning
 Shaving team
 The perfect blade
 The perfect cream
 Burma-Shave Blades
 If you have
 A double chin
 You've two
 Good reasons
 To begin using
. .
 In every
 Half a pound
 My boy
 You get a ton
 Of Shaving joy
 On a highway ad
 He spied it
 Bough a jar
 Now glad he
 Tried it
 Other things have
 Gone sky high
 Half a dollar
 Still will buy
 Half pound jar
. .
 No lady likes
 To dance
 Or dine
 Accompanied by
 A porcupine
 Ring out the old
 Ring in the new
 What good can
 Brushes do?
 Rip Van Winkle
 Said he'd rather
 Snooze for years
 Than shave
 With lather
. .
 Say, big boy
 To go
 Thru life
 How'd you like
 A whiskered wife?
 Sharpest blade
 Ever made
 Comfort speed
 15 for 25 cents
 The cream
 One hears
 The most of now
 Comes from a jar
 Not from a cow
. .
 The time
 To start
 A real dispute
 Is when you're
 Offered a substitute
 "They're off"
 He cried
 And felt his chin
 'Twas just another
 Easy win for
Coin from Penny Pag

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .