Includes 19 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 Big mistake
 Many make
 Rely on horn
 Instead of
 Both hands
 On wheel
 Eyes on road
 That's the skillful
 Driver's code
. .
 Drinking drivers
 Enhance their
 To highball home
 In an ambulance
His line was smooth
But not his chin
 He took her out
 She took him in
 To buy some
 First men buy it
 Then apply it
 Then advise
 Their friends
 To try it
. .
 From statistics
 That we gather
 The swing is to
 No brush
 No lather
 If these
 Signs blur
 And bounce around
 You'd better park
 And walk to town
 It spreads so smooth
 It shaves so slick
 It feels
 Like velvet
 And it's quick
. .
 Life with father
 Is more pleasant
 He got this
 Birthday present
 No man can really
 Do his stuff
 With a face that's sore
 Or a chin
 That's rough
 She raised cain
 When he raised stubble
 Guess what
 Smoothed away
 Their trouble?
. .
 Sleep in a chair
 Nothing to lose
 But a nap
 At the wheel
Is a permanent snooze
 In peace
 Proven in war
 Better now
 Than ever before
 The chick
 He wed
 Let out a whoop
 Felt his chin and
 Flew the coop
. .
This is not 
 A clever verse
 I tried
 And tried
 But just
Got worse
 To a substitute
 He gave a trial
 It took off
 But his smile
 'Twould be
 More fun
 To go by air
 If we could put
 These signs up there
. .
 Why does a chicken
 Cross the street?
 She sees a guy
 She'd like to meet
 He uses
 You can beat
 A mile a minute
 But there ain't
 No future
 In it

Burma-Shave painting from eBay sale. .
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Separator from Mamarocks
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