Includes 30 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                  Burma-Shave sign from Eisner Museum
 A guy
 Who wants
 To middle-aisle it
 Must never scratch
 His little violet
 We've sold
 Six million others
 We still can't sell
 Those coughdrop brothers
. .
 As you drive
 Play this game
 A jingle
 With this name
 Better tooth cleanser
 Low expense
 Your druggist
Sells it 
 40 cents
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
 Car in ditch
 Driver in tree
 Moon was full
 And so
 Was he
. .
 Don't lose
 Your head
 To gain a minute
 You need your head
 Your brains are in it
 Don't waste powder
 Down the drain
 By missing brush
 With faulty aim
 A dip does it
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
 Famous last words
 "If he won't
 Dim his
 I won't
 Dim mine"
. .
 Out with
 Junior's date
 Old technique
 With brand new bait
 I use it too
 The bald man said
 It keeps my face
 Just like
 My head
 If a gift
 You must choose
 Give him
 One that
 He can use
. .
 If you want
 A hearty squeeze
 Get our
 In Cupid's little
 Bag of trix
 Here's the one
 That clix
 With chix
 Our happy
 Brushless throng
 Six million users
 Can't be wrong
. .
 Just moisten
 Your tooth brush
 Dip in jar
 And you'll enjoy
 Cleaner teeth by far
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
 Man passes
 Dog house
 Dog sees chin
 Dog gets out
 Man gets in
 No soggy brushes
 In your grip
 You've always
 Got a
 Finger tip
. .
 Prices rising
 O'er the nation
 Here is one
 That missed
 Need no trimmin'
 He kisses kids
 Not the wimmin
 Speaking of
 Great events
 Proudly presents
 Another fine product
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
. .
That promise perfection
Are like
Some candidates
After election
 Substitutes would
 Have their place
 If you could
Your face
 That she
 Could cook
 He had his doubts
 Until she creamed
 His bristle sprouts with
. .
 The first
 In many a year
 For cleaning teeth
 Is finally here
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
 The wolf
 Who longs
 To roam and prowl
 Should shave before
 He starts to howl
 Thrifty jars for
 Stay at homes
Handy tubes
 For him
 Who roams
. .
 Tobacco stains
 And stale breath too
 Are two
 Of the things
 It takes from you
 Burma-Shave Tooth Powder
 You've used
 Our cream
 Now try our blades
 Pair up the best
 In shaving aids
 We know
 How much
 You love that gal
 But use both hands
 For driving, pal
. .
 When the stork
 Delivers a boy
 Our whole
 Darn factory
 Jumps for joy

Three Burma-Shave mirrors from an eBay sale. .

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .