Includes 29 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 A man
 A miss
 A car--a curve
 He kissed the miss
 And missed the curve
 A man who passes
 On hills and curves
 Is not a man
 Of iron nerves--
 He's crazy!
. .
At school zones
Heed instructions!
 our little
 Tax deductions
 Hat and tie
 Smart and clean
 Space between
 Spoiled the scene
 He should use
 Highways are
 No place
 To sleep
 Stop your car
 To count your sheep
. .
 If you think
 She likes
 Your bristles
 Walk bare-footed
 Through some thistles
 It's not
 How fast or slow
 You drive
 The question is
 How you arrive
 I've read
 These signs
 Since just a kid
 Now that I shave
 I'm glad I did
. .
 Little Bo-Peep
 Has lost her Jeep
 It struck
 A truck
 When she went to sleep
 Don't listen
 Pop is trying
 A substitute
 Instead of buying
 Paper hangers
 With the hives
 Now can
 Shave with
 Carving knives
. .
 Regardless of
 Political views
 All good parties
 Was slippery
 Curve was sharp
 White robe, halo
 Wings and harp
 Was high
 Weather was not
 Tires were thin
 X marks the spot
. .
 Substitutes and
 Send 'em to
 Your wife's
 The boy who gets
 His girl's applause
 Must act
 Not look
 Like Santa Claus
 The midnight ride
 Of Paul
 For beer
 Led to a
 Warmer hemisphere
. .
 The minutes
 Some folks
 Save through speed
 They never even
 Live to need
 The more
 You shave
 The brushless way
 The more you'll be
 Inclined to say--
We don't
 Know how
 To split an atom
 But as to whiskers
 Let us at 'em
. .
 Easy come,
 You know
 Why not make them
 Easy go?
 Why work up
 A daily lather
 Once you've tried
 We're sure
 You'd rather
 Wild men pulled
 Their whiskers out
 That's what made
 Them wild
 No doubt--
. .
 Within this vale
 Of toil
 And sin
 Your head grows bald 
 But not your chin--use

. .
Two more Burma-Shave books from eBay sales. .
. .
(Anti-inflation series) 
 A big
 Since the war
 Is now on sale
 In your drug store
No price increase
 Bargain hunters
 Gather 'round
For fifty cents 
 Half a pound
No price increase
. .
 From New York town
 To Pumpkin Holler
 Half a pound
 For half a dollar
No price increase
 Other things have
 Gone sky high
 Half a dollar
 Still will buy
 Half pound jar
No price increase
 Tube immense
 35 cents
 Easy shaving
 Low expense
No price increase

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
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