Includes 27 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 A guy
 Who drives
 A car wide open
 Is not thinkin'
 He's just hopin'
 A whiskery kiss
 For the one
 You adore
 May not make her mad
 But her face will be sore
. .
 Bracing as
 An ocean breeze
 For after shaving
 It's sure
 To please
 Burma-Shave Lotion
 Was such a boom
 They passed
 The bride
 And kissed the groom
 Candidate says
 Babies kiss me
 Since I've been using
. .
 Kiss you
Like she useter? 
 Perhaps she's seen
 A smoother rooster!!
 For early
 Pep and bounce
 A brand new product
 We announce
Burma-Shave Lotion 
 He tried
 To cross
 As fast train neared
 Death didn't draft him
 He volunteered
. .
 Her chariot
 Raced 80 per
 They hauled away
 What had
 Ben Her
 His brush is gone
 So what'll we do
 Said Mike Robe I
 To Mike Robe II
 His cheek
 Was rough
 His chick vamoosed
 And now she won't
 Come home to roost
. .
 His face
 Was smooth
 And cool as ice
 And oh! Louise!
 He smelled so nice
Burma-Shave Lotion
 If your peach
 Keeps out
 Of reach
 Better practice
 What we preach
 It has a tingle
 And a tang
 That starts
 The day off
 With a bang
 Burma-Shave Lotion
. .
 My job is
 Keeping faces clean
 And nobody knows
 De stubble
 I've seen
 No use
 How to pick 'em
 If your half-shaved
Whiskers stick 'em 
 On curves ahead
 Remember, sonny
 That rabbit's foot
 Didn't save
 The bunny
. .
 She will
 Flood your face
 With kisses
 'Cause you smell
 So darn delicious
 Burma-Shave Lotion
 The ladies
 Take one whiff
 And purr--
It's no wonder 
 Men prefer
 Burma-Shave Lotion
 The place to pass
 On curves
 You know
 Is only at
 A beauty show
. .
 The whale
 Put Jonah
 Down the hatch
 But coughed him up
 Because he scratched
 These signs
 We gladly
 To men who've had
 No date of late
 To kiss
A mug 
 That's like a cactus
 Takes more nerve
 Than it does practice
. .
 Twinkle, twinkle
 One-eyed car
We all wonder
 You are
 Use Burma-Shave
 In tube
 Or jar
 Then follow up
 With our new star
 Burma-Shave Lotion
 Violets are blue
 Roses are pink
 On graves
 Of those
 Who drive and drink
. .
 Remember, pard
 You'll still get slapped
 But not so hard
Burma-Shave mug
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. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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