Includes 20 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                1960's Burma-Shave jar from Eisner Museum
 A beard
 That's rough
 And overgrown
 is better than
 A chaperone
 Altho insured
 Remember, kiddo
They don't pay you
 They pay
 Your widow
. .
 Red skin
 Bit the dust
 When Pa tried
 What these signs discussed
 Big blue tube
 It's a honey
 Best squeeze play
 For love
 Or money
 Cautious rider
 To her
 Reckless dear
 Let's have less bull
 And lots more steer
. .
 Drinking drivers
 Don't you know
 Great bangs
 From little
 Binges grow?
 I know
 He's a wolf
 Said riding hood
 But Grandma dear,
 He smells so good
 I'd heard
 It praised
 By drug store clerks
 I tried the stuff
 Hot dog! It works
. .
 My cheek
 Says she
 Feels smooth as satin
 Ha! Ha! Says he
 That's mine you're pattin'
 Pat's bristles
 Bridget's nose
 That's when
 Her wild irish rose
 To him was bunk
 They pulled him out
 Of some guy's trunk
. .
 She eyed
 His beard
 And said no dice
 The wedding's off--
 I'll COOK the rice
 May do
 For lads with fuzz
 Bur sir, you ain't
 The kid you wuz
 Has sprung
 The grass has riz
 Where last year's
 Careless drivers is
. .
 Can do
 More harm
 Than city fellers
 On a farm
 The band
 For which
 The grand stand roots
 Is not made up
 The hobo
 Lets his
 Whiskers sprout
 It's trains--not girls
 That he takes out
. .
 Train approaching
 Whistle squealing
 Avoid that
 Rundown feeling!
 Train wrecks few
 Reason clear
 Never hugs
 Your face
 Is stinger free
 You'd better let
 Your honey be

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
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