Includes 22 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .          Burma-Shave can from Burma Shave and Route66 Songs
 A shave
 That's real
 No cuts to heal
 A soothing
 Velvet after-feel
 The curve
 It's a beautiful car
 Wasn't it?
. .
 Feel your face
 As you ride by
 Now don't
 You think
 It's time to try
 Gut rasiert? ("If you want a good shave?" -- German)
 ___________ (Chinese)
 La mejor afeitada ("The best shave" -- Spanish)
 The best shave
 In any language
 He asked
 His kitten
 To pet and purr
 She eyed his puss
 And screamed "What fur!"
. .
 If anything
 Will please
 Your Jill
 A little jack
 For this jar will
 If Crusoe'd
 Kept his chin
 More tidy
 He might have found
 A lady Friday
 If harmony
 Is what
 You crave
 Then get
 A tuba
. .
 It gave
 That needed charm
 Hello Hollywood
 Good-by farm
 Men who
 Have to
 Travel light
 Find the 35 cent tube
 Just right
 No matter
 The price
 No matter how new
 No matter how new
 In your car is you
. .
 Our fortune
 Is your
 Shaven face
 It's our best
 Advertising space
 Are like a girdle
 They find some jobs
 They just
 Can't hurdle
 That barefoot
 With cheeks of tan
 Won't let 'em chap
 When he's a man
. .
 The bearded devil
 Is forced
 To dwell
 In the only place
 Where they don't sell
 The hero
 Was brave and strong
 And willin'
 She felt his chin--
 Then wed the villain
 The safest rule
 No ifs or buts
 Just drive
 Like every one else
 Is nuts!
. .
 These signs
 Are not
 For laughs alone
 The face they save
 May be your own
 This cream
 Makes the
 Gardener's daughter
 Plant her tu-lips
 Where she oughter
 In the town
 We hold 'em up
 You mow 'em down
. .
 We're widely read
 And often quoted
 But it's shaves
 Not signs
 For which we're noted
 When you lay
 Those few cents down
 You've bought
 The smoothest
 Shave in town
Sign from
Burma Shave

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .