Includes 17 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .               Can from Burma Shave and Route66 Songs
 A guy
 Who wants
 To middle-aisle it
 Must never scratch
 His little Violet
 A shave
 That's real
 No cuts to heal
 A soothing
 Velvet after-feel
. .
 Can't shave daily?
 Tender hide?
 Now be honest
 Have you
 Don't lose
 Your head
 To gain a minute
 You need your head
 Your brains are in it
 Every day
 We do
 Our part
 To make your face
 A work of art
. .
 Film protects
 Your neck
 And chin
 So your razor
 Won't dig in
 If a gift
 You must choose
 Give him one
 He'll like
 To use
 If hugging
 On highways
 Is your sport
 Trade in your car
 For a davenport
. .
 If our road signs
 Catch your eye
 But don't forget
 To buy
 If you want
 A hearty squeeze
 Get our
 In cupid's little
 Bag of trix
 Here's the one
 That clix
 With chix
. .
 Our fortune
 Is your
 Shaven face
 It's our best
 Advertising space
 Back home, by golly
 His bristly chin
 Was hot-to-Molly
 The chick
 He wed
 Let out a whoop
 Felt his chin and
 Flew the coop
. .
 Thrifty jars for
 Stay at homes
 Handy tubes
 For him
 Who roams
 We don't
 Know how
 To split an atom
 But as to whiskers
 Let us at 'em
 When the stork
 Delivers a boy
 Our whole
 Darn factory
 Jumps for joy

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .