Subj: Easter&Eggs Jokes(CBBd)
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Happy Easter
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Includes the following:  Saving The Easter Bunny (S219, S450)
.........................Tips For Finding Easter Eggs (S165)
.........................An Egg Is Unlucky
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Subj:     Saving The Easter Bunny (S219, S450)
          From: humorlist-digest V2 #67 on 98-03-17
      and From: RFSlick on 8/30/2005

 A man was blissfully driving along the highway, when he saw
 the Easter Bunny hopping across the middle of the road.  He
 swerved to avoid hitting the Bunny, but unfortunately the
 rabbit jumped in front of his car and was hit.  The basket
 of eggs went flying all over the place.

 The driver, being a sensitive man as well as an animal lover,
 pulled over to the side of the road, and got out to see what
 had become of the Bunny carrying the basket.  Much to his
 dismay, the colorful Bunny was dead. The driver felt guilty
 and began to cry.

 A woman driving down the same highway saw the man crying on
 the side of the road and pulled over. She stepped out of her
 car and asked the man what was wrong.

 "I feel terrible," he explained, "I accidentally hit the
 Easter Bunny and killed it.  There may not be an Easter
 because of me. What should I do?"

 The woman told the man not to worry. She knew exactly what
 to do.  She went to her car trunk, and pulled out a spray
 can. She walked over to the limp, dead Bunny, and sprayed
 the entire contents of the can onto the little furry animal.

 Miraculously the Easter Bunny came to back life, jumped up,
 picked up the spilled eggs and candy, waved its paw at the
 two humans and hopped on down the road. 50 yards away the
 Easter Bunny stopped, turned around, waved and hopped on
 down the road another 50 yards, turned, waved, hopped another
 50 yards and waved again!

 The man was astonished. He said to the woman, "What in heaven's
 name is in your spray can?  What was it that you sprayed on
 the Easter Bunny?" The woman turned the can around so that the
 man could read the label.  It said: "Hair spray. Restores life
 to dead hair. Adds permanent wave."

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Subj:     Tips For Finding Easter Eggs (S165)
          From: Anaise ON 3/30/2000

Tips for Finding Easter Eggs from Young Expert Egg Hunters

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Josh, age 7
 I really know how to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny leaves
 in my yard. We wake up on Easter Sunday morning and go down
 stairs and then go outside.  I run as fast as I can to go look
 by the trees. He leaves alot of them by the trees and then I go
 and start looking by other things in the yard.  The things that
 he leaves them by are usually tall like big grass or bushes.  I
 get as many as I can and then when we have all got them, we go
 inside and eat some and then we go to church.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Kathy
 On Easter I get up earlier than my big brother and go and look
 around and see where all of the eggs are hidden.  Then I go back
 to sleep and wake up again at the same time as my brother and I
 already know where all of them are hidden.  He thinks that I
 should be a detective when I grow up because he thinks that I
 will be able to find clues fast because I find the eggs so fast.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Elena, age 6
 I run and get as many as I can before my dogs can get them.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Diane, age 4
 I go and run and look and grab them fast.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Lisa, age 6
 Every year I write the Easter Bunny a letter and after I ask
 him how he is, I ask for a map of where he hides the eggs. This
 way my brothers don't get all of them. I'm 6 yrs. old.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Brett
 Cheat and watch them hide em:)

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Greg
 If the eggs have glitter on them I look for the glitter
 sparkling from the sun.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Pamela
 The best way to find the eggs is to help the easter bunny hide them!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Hope
 Listen really hard while they are being hidden!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Brian
 When I wake up in the morning, i follow the trail of jelly beans
 outside my bedrooom door.  At the end of the trail is my easter
 basket and a lot of candy!!!!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Kristen
 Go for the easy ones first, then look for the harder ones!!!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Lauren
 Use a big basket and go against little kids!

 Finding eggs!
 (Name withheld by request)
 Look in low branches of evergreen trees. You never know, but
 they might be hidden there!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Gina
 I look for easter bunny fur. Follow that and find the eggs.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Gavin
 Have your parents help you find the eggs. Get up before
 everybody else and find the eggs, then go back to bed and
 act like you never got up.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Alex
 I go outside and run and find some eggs in the bushes and in
 the small trees. Then I go inside and eat some,and the candy too!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Taylor
 I look in the grass. I look under the slide. I look in the trees.
 I look for bunny tracks to the hidden eggs and I look on the deck!
 I look close to the gate. I look behind the tree. Thats all folks!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Daniel and DJ
 The Easter Bunny leaves an empty basket with a number in it. That
 is how many eggs we have to look for. If we can't find them all,
 we ask our big  sister Becky where to find the last ones.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Hannah
 I usually sneak downstairs and there is a trail of little eggs
 that lead to the big ones, except this year when there were only
 two big eggs left in the fireplace.  Is this because I am getting

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Martin
 The best way to find out where all the easter eggs are hidden is
 to run really fast.  Some times when I run really fast, I get
 dizzy and fall...but, I always get up.  I like to run fast, and
 look at my easter eggs.  Do you like to run fast too? I like candy,
 and easter.  So, the next time you go looking for your eggs, run
 really fast...if you get dizzy and fall like I do, get up and do
 it again.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Tierany
 While they are being hidden look out the windows to find out if
 you can see the eggs.  If not then just look for piles of grass,
 dirt, leaves, etc. to see if you can see the colors of the eggs.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Brandon
 Wait til' your brothers and sisters find them first, then steal
 them for yourself.

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Kell
 Here is are tips for finding eggs indoors. First, look for eggs
 in the not so obvious places, like the freezer or refrigerator.
 Also, look for eggs tucked inside cushions or a piano. If outside,
 look for eggs under or tucked deep into bushes, rocks, and trees.
 Hope this helps!

 Finding eggs!
 Submitted by Lindsay, Age 7
 My tips for finding eggs are: 1)look in the highest places 2)look
 in unusual places 3)look in bushes and trees and rocks.  Good luck
 finding easter eggs!

 From http://www.usacitylink.com/easter/tips.html

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Subj:     An Egg Is Unlucky

A farm boy said to his father, "Y'know, pop, I've just realized that an egg
is the unluckiest danged thing in all creation."
"And why is that?" asked the elder farmer.
" 'Cuz," replied the boy, "it only gets laid once, it only gets eaten
once, and it takes eleven minutes to get hard, it comes in a box with
eleven other guys, and the only one who ever sits on its face is its mom."

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Subj:     Short Egg Jokes

What did the clown say when he cracked an egg on his head?
Yuk, yuk, the yolk's on me.  --  Connie Settle

From: joke@joke-of-the-day.com on 4/19/03 (S325b)
 The Easter Bunny has the right idea: Visit people
 once a year.  -- Victor Borge

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