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So you think you know something about beer? Try to score at least 8 points 

1. Why are "lager" beers called lager?

The fermentation process is at low temperatures and the yeast stays at the bottom.
The fermentation process was invented in Lagra, Slowakia.
The German word "lager" has to do with the storage of the bottles. 
None of these

2. Which of the following beers is not a trappist?

All of these are trappists

3. You order a duvel in a local pub. As a real beer lover, you are not happy with anything less than the following...

4. Michael Jackson wrote this beer book:

The Beer and Tavern Chronicle
The Great Beer Guide
A Taste for Real Beer
Michael Jackson is a pop artist, not a beer writer.

5. Pick the stout:

All of these are stouts

6. Name the only brewery of lambic ales that is actually located in Brussels:

St Louis

7. How many notches does a standard 26 mm beer crown (bottle cap) have?


8. What is the latin name for "hop", an essential part in many beers?

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Humulus lupus
Saccharomyces uvarum
Honoma sativa

9. Which beer type can be described as "amber-coloured with good dry hop taste"?

Pale Ale
Bitter Ale
Double Malt


This is wheat
This is hop
This is gentian
None of the above.

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