The picture
DC-9 Window Frame Crack
comes from
on 6/5/2005

 Crack in a US Airways
DC-9 window frame..... 

 Fliers beware of the sub standard
maintenance on the airplanes
that you fly on. You won't
believe this when you see it,
this is an actual crack that
was found in the window
frame on a DC-9.
This could have caused a
major in-flight problem.

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 The animated GIFs

Lightening Strike 1 To 3

comes from

on 6/6/2005


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These are two animated
GIFS of lightning
striking a plane.

No damage was done
to the structure
or the electronics.

GIF 1 is in normal time.
GIF 2 is in slow motion.
Picture 3 is a still photo
just on initiation
of the bolt..

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