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Includes the following:  Tree Of Wisdom In Milky Way - Photo (S1070)
.........................Son Gives Dad A ChainSaw (S48)
.........................The Aging Tree - Picture (S1120)
.........................The Tree Riddle From 19th Cebtury (S423b)
.........................Glow-In-The-dark Trees (S1088)
                         Short Tree-Supp Jokes (DU)

Subj:     Tree Of Wisdom In Milky Way - Photo (S1070)
          Photograph by Aaron J Groen on November 19th, 2013
 Source: www.fineartamerica.com/featured/tree-of-wisdom-aaron-j-groen.html
Subj:     Son Gives Dad A ChainSaw (S48)
          From: Ossama's Laugh 1n 1997

 A lumberjack had raised his only son and had managed to finance
 the young man's college education by the only way he knew
 how, cutting down trees, by hand.  The young man had helped
 his father cut down some of those trees.  He knew how hard
 his father had to work to put him through college.

 When the son started college he promised himself the first
 thing he would do was to buy his father a present that would
 make the old man's life easier.  The son saved, scrimped, and
 finally had enough money to purchase the finest chain saw in
 the world.

 On a school vacation the son asks his dad how many trees
 could he cut down in one day.  The father a large husky man
 thought and said on a good day he was able to bring down 20
 trees.  The son gave the father the brand new chain saw and
 said from now on he would be able to triple the amount and
 only work half as hard.

 The old man was very pleased and said he had the best son
 in the world.  The young man left for school the next morning
 and wasn't able to return until the next school break, 3
 months later.

 When he arrived he immediately noticed that his dad appeared
 run down.  He asked if his father was feeling alright.  The
 old man replied that cutting trees was getting harder and
 harder with the new chain saw he was working longer hours
 but not cutting as many trees as before.

 The son knew there was something wrong and thought perhaps
 the saw he purchased wasn't as good as advertised.  He asked
 to check it out.  Upon examining it he checked the oiler and
 it was full.  He checked the gas and it too was full.  He
 yanked on the cord and immediately it roared to life.

 His father grabbed him by the shirt and hollered "WHAT'S THAT

Subj:     The Aging Tree (S1120)
          From: Science Photo Library/Corbis
 Source: www.discovermagazine.com/2014/sept/13-forever-young
Subj:     The Tree Riddle From 19th Century (S423b)
          From: LABLaughsRiddles in 2005
 Source: www.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100308231524AARfGgv

 This multiple riddle dates from the 19th. century. To solve
 it completely, you are required to identify 65 names of trees.
 Even we don't know all the answers. Where we do know (or think
 we know) we have provided.

 What's the sociable tree, and the dancing tree,
 And the tree that is nearest the sea;
 The most yielding tree, the busiest tree,
 And the tree where ships may be?

 The languishing tree, the least selfish tree,
 And the tree that bears a curse;
 The chronologist's tree, the fisherman's tree,
 And the tree like an Irish nurse?

 The tell-tale tree, and the traitor tree,
 And the tree that's the warmest clad;
 The layman's restraint, and the housewife's tree,
 And the tree that makes one sad?

 The tree that with death befrights you,
 The tree that your wants would supply,
 The tree that to travel invites you,
 And the tree that forbids you to die?

 The tree that will fight, and the tree that obeys you,
 And the tree that never stands still;
 The tree that got up, and the tree that is lazy,
 And the tree neither up nor down hill?

 The tree to be kissed, and the dandiest tree,
 The tree guiding ships to go forth;
 The tree of the people, the unhealthiest tree,
 And the tree whose wood faces north?

 The tree in a battle, the tree in a fog,
 And the tree that bids the joints pain;
 The terrible tree when schoolmasters flog,
 And the tree a mother and child do name.

 The emulous tree, the industrious tree,
 And the tree that warms mutton when cold;
 The reddest brown tree and the reddest blue tree,
 And the tree one becomes ere one's old?

 The treacherous tree, the contemptible tree,
 The tree to which wines are inclined;
 The tree that causes each townsman to flee,
 And what round fair ankles are twined?

 The tree that's entire, and the tree that is split,
 The tree half given by doctors when ill;
 The tree that we offer to friends when we meet,
 And the tree we may use as a quill?

 The tree that's immortal, and the trees that are not,
 And the tree that must pass through the fire;
 The tree that in Latin can ne'er be forgot,
 And in English we all most admire?

 The Egyptian plague tree, the tree that is dear,
 And what round itself doth entwine;
 The tree that in billiards must ever be near,
 And the tree that by Cockneys is turned into wine?


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 A)Tea Tree, Caper
 C)Rubber, Medlar

 E)Pine, Yew
 G)Date, Crab

 I)Peach, Judas
 K)Elder, Broom
 L)Weeping Willow?

 N)Bread Tree
 O)Mango(Man, go/Orange (O range)
 P)Olive (O live)

 Q) Box, Dogwood
 R)Lilac (lie lack)?
 S)Rose, Sloe

 U)Tulip (two lip) tree,  Spruce
 V)Elm (helm)
 W)Poplar, Sycamore

 Y)? , Hazel
 Z)Fever tree

 CC)Ivy (I vie), Cotten
 DD)Flame tree(?)
 EE)Chestnut, Gum

 GG)Judas Tree, Fig
 HH) Cork

 kk)Holly (wholly)?  Clove

 OO)Amaranth, ?
 RR)Oak (?)

 SS)Locust, ?
 UU) (?)
 VV) Vine

Subj:     Glow-In-The-dark Trees (S1088)
          From: Tom 1n 2017
 Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXfuepqfq5w

Subj:     Short Tree-Supp Jokes (DU)

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