da Vinci's
Square Puzzle


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A young Italian Woman by the name of Mona Lisa one day visited
an old acquaintance of hers, to tell him about her troubles.
She was very beautiful and rather well-to-do, so she could
hardly ward off her many suitors.  The acquaintance, Leonardo
da Vinci, had an idea: they should submit the youths to a test
and only those who passed would be admitted to the shorter list
of eligible suitors.

Leonardo constructed a jigsaw puzzle of four equal parts, which,
when correctly assembled, produced a square.  Mona Lisa was
delighted and to show her graditude, consented to sit as a model
for a portrait by da Vinci.

While posing, she also received her suitors and watched in
amusement as they desperately tried to solve the puzzle.  Mona
Lisa, all the while, had to make great effort to keep herself
from laughing, and da Vinci rendered her expression sp well on
the canvas, that to this day, in Paris, we can marvel at the
famous "Mona Lisa smile."  If you don't want to be laughed at,
try solving this puzzle at first alone and unobserved.

1. Print these four pieces on page two
2. Cut them out, and form a square.

I've been told by some of you anonymous mathematicians 
that you don't bother with these puzzles if I include the 
solution.  So, no solution was included.

This picture of da Vinci comes from
Potty Puzzles